Kimchi Fried Rice

One of my best friends growing up was Korean. HI JANIE! We would spent a lot of time at her house because her parents pretty much let us do whatever we wanted. We would sleep at Jane's and sneak out to do, well, pretty much nothing. When I would tell my mom that I was crashing at Jane's, she knew that we were up to something.

My friends and I would always go into each other's fridges, grab whatever we desired and proceed to polish it off. At Jessica's place, it was always left over Chinese food. At my place, it was tuna fish, string cheese, and small cans of Arizona Iced Tea. At Jane's, I would destroy the kimchi.

I was in fourth grade the first time I had kimchi at Jane's. For some reason though, I always thought that drinking milk with it was an amazing idea. It was not. I was in fourth grade the first time I got heartburn.

Garlic and Cilantro Grilled Halibut with Asparagus

It's September... I love and hate this month. I hate knowing that we are at the end of summer - no more hot weather, no more grilling, no more mid-week outings, no more jean shorts, and most depressing, no more tans. It's all so sad. Summer moves so quickly.

It's also the beginning of fall! Great clothes, your hair doesn't frizz, apples are in season, Halloween is on its way, pies!, football finger food, and I get to wear my leather jacket.