Carne Asada and Grilled Corn Guacamole Tacos

We have a grill!!! It's a Coleman (Small Spaces) barbecue, so obviously, his name is Coleman. I feel complete.

I've been grilling since the minute it was built. I mean that literally. The second we tightened the last bolt and attached the propane, I threw on a couple of chorizo sausages and dirtied the whole thing up. It was glorious.
Okay... well... I actually couldn't get the thing started for five minutes because I put the battery for the starter in backwards. I know! I know! There's a picture showing which way it goes in but I just think that I know better.

Ricotta Nutella Chocolate Cookie Pie

Ohhhhhhh my. This is just not fair. Be prepared to drool. YOU CAN NOW ORDER THIS PIE FROM OUR STORE!!!!! Moo Milk Bar!!!!!!!! This was the pie seen on Unique Sweets! It is the original version. We have changed it a bit for the shop. But they both taste AMAZING. 

Blueberry Cornbread with Maple Butter

Confession: I am a movie dork. I have an issue with watching the same films over and over again. I mean, like 30-plus times. If all movies in the world were lost, I could reenact a good chunk of them from memory - scripts, shots, scores, effects, edits, etc. Sadly, none of these movies are of the world's great films.
If you looked at my iTunes movie list, you wouldn't think I majored in Film & Television at NYU Tisch - I have a very strange taste in movies. And, by strange, I mean that by just looking at this list, you wouldn't be able to tell if it belonged to a geeky guy, a love sick teenage girl, or an 8-year-old boy.
In the geeky guy version you would find Constantine, Angels & Demons, The Matrix, Iron Man, The Usual Suspects, Deja Vu, Men in Black, Ocean's Thirteen, King Arthur, Zodiac, 300, and I, Robot. I know, the only one I'm proud of is The Usual Suspects.

Schug and Hodgepodge Eggs

Dear Matthew,
Here is my non-baking post.
I hope you enjoy.

When I'm staying at my parents' place, my dad will occasionally decide he's hungry at 11:30 pm. He'll go to the fridge and pull out anything he can get his hands on, along with a carton of eggs.

Eggs are his thing and I've picked up on it from him. The more stuff you put into eggs, the better they get. He'll either make a huge omelet, that no matter how big it is, he'll attempt to flip (and always succeeds). Or, he'll make a bunch of sunny side up eggs with so much olive oil in the pan, they're basically deep fried.