Jambalaya with Chicken and Chorizo

I have a 8kg bag of rice. Thats about 17 1/2 pounds. Almost a year ago, my boyfriend Tas decided to have a house warming party the night before his whole family comes over to see his new place... in the early afternoon. Needless to say, the place was a disaster the next morning.
It took us about 3 hours to clean it up. Then I needed to run to the grocery store to grab things to make food for about 15 adults and children. I figured everyone loves chicken and rice. Yes, that's a great idea.
Got home, unpacked the groceries, then realized that I forgot to get rice. I know, I know! I'm making chicken and RICE. I was hung over! So my wonderful boyfriend went out to get some rice while I started to prep/cook.

Parmesan Ricotta Gnocchi and May 2-4

It was a long, long, long weekend here in Canada. May 2-4 is like Memorial Day Weekend in the states. Twenty-three of us decided that it was a brilliant idea to rent not one, but two chalets on the water in Collingwood, Ontario.
Needless to say, I left my brain, dignity, and half my soul there. It was a great weekend filled with friends, food, relaxation, failed attempts at making ice cream, group singing, hot tub love (not what you think), one Thody Factor, Flip Cup Elimination version 2.0, fireworks, Crack Pie, and a Justin Bieber PiƱata.

I made Momofuku's Crack Pie. I made 4 pies because I'm disgusting. And what's even more disgusting is that we finished 3 of them. The last one was eaten out of our friend Ken's hands. He was gracious enough to share his hands with all of us, of course.

Frangelico Snaps

This is my Italian version of the British brandy snaps. And the only reason that I say that it's "Italian" is because I am using Frangelico instead of brandy. MMM... hazelnut liqueur.
I probably ate more of this batter and whipped cream than I did the actual snaps. It's just so smooth and buttery. If you make these, have a spoonful of batter. Worth it.

These are great to make as an easy dessert to bring to someone's place. They're very impressive looking. And who doesn't like crunchy beautiful sugar tubes filled with whipped cream, and, not to mention, flavored with Frangelico. Impressive.

White Chocolate Macadamia Scones

I know! I know! It's been two weeks since my last post. I apologize! I've been busy making cakes. Tough life, right? So to continue my baking month, I've decided to make scones.
A couple of my friends have been requesting brunch recipes and I feel like these scones would be a great addition to any brunch table. One of my favorite cookies is white chocolate macadamia nut - the Mrs. Fields kind that come individually wrapped. 7 seconds in the microwave. Boom. Perfect "just baked" cookie taste.
So, why not a scone? I drool over the Starbucks ones that stare me down as I order. "I'll have a venti 5 shot iced Americano please... and a blueberry scone... just one of those days, ya know?" For some reason I always feel the need to explain to the barista why I'm indulging.