Nanner Bread

Brown Bananas?

I always find myself with tons of bananas at the end of the week that have turned to mush. My boyfriend's mom gives him a bunch of bananas every week and I'm tired of the smoothies. Nanner bread! (AKA banana bread).

I overload my banana bread with whatever I have left over in the cupboard. It may be peanut butter or pecans. This week it was chocolate chips, and walnuts, and chunks of banana. Why not?

Beef and Barley Pot Pie

Snow in Toronto... again. I drove my brother's car from New York all the way up here so it would be easier to get around. Problem: the car is rear-wheel drive, its tires have no tread left, and it's lowered to about one inch from the pavement. Thanks Yoni, but this hunk-a-metal loses all control as soon as a snowflake hits the ground.
I decide that it's a good idea to take the car out today. Fail. It snowed about five inches during the day and in the middle of a busy road, the car decides to just start slipping and shifting over to the right. I stepped on the brakes, the gas... nothing. I'm pressed against the curb so I called a tow. Kevin shows up, takes one look at the car, laughs, and tells me that, "This is impossible. Too low. Can't tow."

After some eye batting and smiles he agrees to try. Long story, but at least I got it over to a parking lot. Les Mis.

Baked Eggs with Feta and Prosciutto

Usually, brunch is a meal that I enjoy hung over, with friends, discussing the previous night's debaucheries - "Ken, what went through your head when you decided to pour a full beer over your head?" But there are rare occasions that my boyfriend and I stay in and I have the energy to cook the next morning.

I take my time making brunch at home. I throw on some Norah Jones and sing my way through the morning while I cook. That sounds real corny but I don't care what you think, it's my world.

The eggs are baked inside the puff pastry "plate". The feta cheese and prosciutto are hidden under the egg but are such a pleasant surprise. I could eat five of these, easy.

White Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter

I have issues. Huge issues. I'm not allowed to bring peanut butter into my home. I will sit with a jar, equipped with a spoon, and before I have a chance to decide whether I want to dip some pretzels or spread it on toast, it's gone. All of it.

I love everything with peanut butter. It's one of my only vices. This was such a bad idea (obviously, I mean a good one).

Sweet, salty, creamy, silky, chunky, and crunchy all at the same time. This peanut butter is AMAAAZING, and such a classic combo of flavors with a little twist.

Buffalo Chicken Quesalillas

This weekend, my beau and I hosted "Sabado Picante." How many quesadillas were consumed at "Sabado Picante?" In the voice of Charlie Sheen, "Tons!" I didn't get to make all the various types I wanted to, but the crowd wasn't disappointed. And, these Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas were definitely the favorite.

I am obsessed with buffalo sauce. I want to drink it. Though it gives us heart burn, my family and I go to this fast food-ish chain, which will not be named, almost every week to have their "Kickin' Buffalo Chicken Salad." So good.

Have a quesadilla party or just make some for lunch. Buffalo chicken nachos! Buffalo chicken grilled cheese! I just keep a container of the buffalo chicken in my fridge to have on hand just in case my boyfriend decides he's hungry at 11:30pm.

Hearty Vegetable and Chorizo Soup with Parmigiano Croutons

Back from vacation! Went to an all inclusive in Punta Cana, DR, with a group of 14. Food was crappy, room was pretty gross, but life was so good. We were constantly eating beige food - this consisted of bread, butter, rice, and white kidney beans. After our torture in paradise, all I was craving was something light, healthy, and fresh.
It was also 85 degrees every day; coming back to 30 degree weather had me craving something warm. This veggie soup is so hearty and the chorizo adds a bang of flavor depth.
It's incredible how horrible buffet food can be. The first time we went to ate I walked around the whole place and could not decide on one thing that I wanted on my plate. It was all very confusing. There was liver, crepes filled with ground chicken, pasta with ketchup sauce, "danish cheese", banana mash (which was the color of green baby food), spaghetti that looked like a mixture of noodle soup/mac and cheese. The only thing that was actually worthwhile was this soft white bread that most of us would bank on.

Confession: My friend Nora and I bought $7 Pringles every other day. So worth it.